Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Canoe Sailing Magazine - Anchoring - a Followup - the SCARY Device

New anchoring device could mean world peace, okay, less chance of rolling over at anchor

In the article "Anchoring Surely and Keenly" I discussed a few options for anchoring your canoe or kayak. One of these involved using an anchor pulpit that involves running your anchor line from hand, along the rail and through the bow-mounted mechanism that also doubles as a bow sprit that can add protection when ramming seawalls, etc. (Don't ask how I know.)

During a recent fishing trip in my sailing canoe I found the need to anchor over a promising spot. Now, not having the pulpit rigged on this boat, my anchor line is attached to the forward hand grip. Ah, now this makes it a bit iffy to retrieve the anchor because I'd have to climb to the bow to bring it in, which can be iffy at best. And it was windy, which adds to the uh, potential, for, uh, issues.

It's times like that when idea lights come on (if one is lucky) and one did for me. The image shows the result--an anchor "leash." No, it's not a new idea, I'm sure, but this is the first time I've seen it, so I'll take credit, apply for a patent and name it the "Sailing Canoe Anchor Rope Yanker," SCARY for short. (Patent Pending)

The SCARY (Patent Pending) consists of a line with a loop that the anchor line passes through. The line passes back to hand and is secured. It need only reach the anchor line with a bit of slack when anchored. The retrieve the anchor, just pull the line to bring the anchor line, uh, rope, to you or your crew. Easy, safe and cheap, though there is a (Patent Pending) which could increase the value and subsequent cost significantly.

Oh--just be ready to handle the boat when you do this. Pulling the anchor alongside while it's still planted can increase your chance of getting knocked down. If your sail is up, make sure its sheet is free! You've been warned....