Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A New & Improved Canoe Sailing Magazine Edit Print E-mail

Coming January 2012!

We are developing Skinny Hull Canoe &Kayak Sailing Magazine, a new, more inclusive version of Canoe Sailing Magazine. With this, we will rename so it is very apparent that it includes not just canoe sailing, but a broader range of skinny-boat sailing. The new version will include sailing kayaks, proas and similar style boats, Chesapeake log canoes and a variety of purpose-built two- and three-hull boats that are essentially canoes (or kayaks) with outriggers. So, if it mounts a sail and has a skinny hull we’ll cover it.

While Skinny Hull will be separated from the Canoe Sailing Magazine you are accustomed to, the 'old' version will become our regularly updated blog and will continue to contain our forum. We will harvest the articles we have published here and replant them in the new model, but until that’s done, they may reside there as well. 

Skinny Hull is intended to be a monthly publication if we can get enough new articles to populate it. (We strongly encourage you to suggest what you would like to see, ANY ideas about topics, articles and photos are welcome—don’t be shy!) It will have better coverage, more usability and much, much better art and photos. We will also have a subscription button in the new one so you will get automatic updates as they occur.
We hope you will find the new model to be a vast improvement over what we have been bringing you so far.

Happy sailing!
Ed Maurer, Publisher